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SOURCE 05 - Designing Global Choices Design Academy Eindhoven / IM Masters

Louise Schouwenberg [ed.] 

2010 / Theory / Design / Bookazines / Series



Graphic design

Studio Joost Grootens

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23 x 17 cm


Paperback, plastic dust jacket


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SOURCE 05 - Designing Global Choices

Design Academy Eindhoven / IM Masters

Louise Schouwenberg [ed.]

Globalization has brought advantages, as well as disadvantages. The worldwide trade in consumer goods has resulted in uniformity of supply, threatens the survival of local traditions and has not spared the environment. The call for a reassessment of old techniques and historically evolved conventions can be heard all around us. This sometimes takes the form of nostalgic rapture over national identities and presumed traditions. Sometimes the past is re-examined from a contemporary perspective.  Designers can play an important role in the discovery of new possibilities, as we see from a growing number of design projects, including those of the students of the IM Masters programme at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

The student population represents a colourful array of nationalities, an asset that was put to optimum use during two trimesters in late 2008 and early 2009. The students investigated traditional techniques from their own home countries and formulated design proposals that would give these techniques and traditions a place in our time.  This fifth edition of Source includes essays and an interview on the theme of Designing Global Choices, written by experts in the field, lecturers and students, as well as examples of the students' research and design proposals.

Source is a series of publications by the Masters departments of Design Academy Eindhoven. Source 05 is produced by the IM Masters department.